introduction to Paralysis-Symptoms-Treatment-Care-Diet

introduction to Paralysis-Symptoms-Treatment-Care-Diet

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  1. How To Diagnose And Differentiate paralysis-paralysis Is Easy To Confuse Diseases
  2. Nursing Of paralysis-nursing Precautions-dietary Taboos

Brief introduction of paralysis

Paralysis is the decrease or loss of voluntary motor function, which is a common symptom of nervous system. Paralysis is caused by upper and lower motor neurons, pyramidal tract and peripheral neuropathy. Myasthenia caused by muscle lesions will be described separately.


Basic knowledge of paralysis

  • Whether it belongs to medical insurance: Yes
  • Alias: Paralysis
  • Location: Peripheral nervous system of brain
  • Infectious: non-contagious
  • Multiple populations: All populations
  • Related symptoms: Paraplegia, sensory impairment, strong facial muscles, disappearance of striations, and decreased muscle tension
  • Complicated disease: bedsore

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