introduction to progressive lipodystrophy-symptoms-treatment-care-diet

introduction to progressive lipodystrophy-symptoms-treatment-care-diet

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Introduction to progressive lipodystrophy

Progressive lipodystrophy (progressive lipodystrophy) is a rare autonomic nervous system disease characterized by adipose tissue metabolism disorder. The clinical and histological characteristics are slow and progressive bilaterally distributed basically symmetrical, well-defined, subcutaneous adipose tissue atrophy or Disappear, sometimes combined with limited adipose tissue hyperplasia and hypertrophy. Due to the different scope of lipodystrophy, it can be divided into localized lipodystrophy (Simons disease or head and chest lipodystrophy) and systemic lipodystrophy (Seip-Laurence syndrome).


Basic knowledge of progressive lipodystrophy

  • Whether it belongs to medical insurance: No
  • Alias: partial lipodystrophy, local lipoatrophy
  • Incidence site: craniocerebral spinal cord skin
  • Infectious: non-infectious
  • Frequent population: 5 to 10 years old female
  • Related symptoms: loose skin, wrinkling, diabetes, body weight loss, lower body weight loss, excessive fat accumulation in liver cells
  • Concurrent disease: malnutrition

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