progressive lipodystrophy examination, diagnosis of progressive lipodystrophy

progressive lipodystrophy examination, diagnosis of progressive lipodystrophy

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Common examinations for progressive lipodystrophy

Inspection Name Inspection Site Inspection Department Inspection Function
Lundy test pancreatic digestive health care department special needs ward Lundy test for slow...
Body organ function and nutrition, other internal medicine, obstetrics, gynecology and pediatrics, andrology, liver disease, mental health, Chinese and Western medicine, health care, rehabilitation medicine, nutrition, body organ function...
Effusion general traits brain mind appears effusion itself ...
Serum myoglobin heart muscle - determination of serum...
Heme-binding protein blood vessel system - by measuring serum...
 Progressive lipodystrophy examination

One, check

Laboratory examination can find that serum chylomicrons, pre-β lipoprotein, and triglycerides are increased. C3 decreased in 70% of patients, and nephritis changed in 90%.

1. Skin and subcutaneous tissue biopsy shows atrophy of subcutaneous fat tissue and normal skin.

2. The electromyogram showed that the muscles and nerves were normal.

3. B-ultrasound can find that the affected organs atrophy and become smaller.

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