symptoms of dwarfism, early symptoms and signs of dwarfism

symptoms of dwarfism, early symptoms and signs of dwarfism

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Symptoms of dwarfism

Typical symptoms: Adults are 120 cm tall

Diagnosis of dwarfism symptoms

1. Diagnostic criteria of pituitary dwarfism

① The height is lower than the 2S or the 3rd percentile of normal people of the same age and sex (measured according to Stadiometer);

Growth rate【小于】4cm/year;

③ X-ray bone age was more than 2 years behind the normal mean of the same age and sex (evaluated according to Greulich-pyle map);

④ Three kinds of growth hormone (GH) provocation test (L-dopa, Kelatin and GHRH provocation test); The peak value of blood GH was【小于】10ng/L;

⑤ Exclude other factors causing growth backwardness.

2. Diagnosis of dwarfism

The diagnosis was made according to the patients' growth retardation, short stature, slow growth rate, X-ray bone age lagging behind children of the same age, blood and urine pituitary hormones and various pituitary target gland functions, and excluding other factors causing growth retardation.

3. Signs

Infants with onset of illness grow slowly after more than 1 ~ 2 years old, with a growth rate of no more than 4cm every year, short stature, mostly less than 130cm in height and relatively symmetrical posture. Children's fontanelle is closed late, tooth growth is delayed, and long bones are short. Brain development is normal, and intelligence is similar to that of people of the same age. Hair is less soft, skin is delicate, subcutaneous fat is abundant, bone age is younger than age, muscle development and physical strength are not as good as those of children of the same age, and personality often keeps childish state. Puberty is often delayed, and secondary sexual characteristics are absent. If there is gonadotropin deficiency at the same time, it has always maintained a naive state. Male testicles are small or cryptorchidism, prostate gland is small, beard, armpit hair and pubic hair are absent, and the tone is high and thin. Female performance is naive uterus, primary amenorrhea, breast, arm and vulva are underdeveloped, no armpit hair and pubic hair. In adulthood, the skin elasticity decreases and wrinkles, but the face is still immature/forms a characteristic "little old child" appearance.

The age of secondary dwarfism growth retardation is mostly after 4 years old, which may show increased intracranial pressure such as visual impairment, headache and vomiting, as well as nervous system symptoms such as hemiplegia, lethargy and convulsions, and may be complicated with diabetes insipidus at the same time.

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